Thursday, March 26, 2009

Behind door number one

Imagine you and you co worker female walk out of work together and head towards your means of transportation. You invite her to hang out with you and your better half. She then responds that she has a better half inquired if they would be welcome to participate in the outing. You are more than elated to have a couple to hang out with you and your guy. By the way you are a female in this story. You guys decided that bowling would be the hang out for the night. When she walks in you see her and you see another really pretty female, almost model like. After about 15 minutes of bowling you ask your co-worker where is her better half and she says you met her, In you mind you go, in the most soprano voice you have, you say to yourself, "her?" To not get caught off like a complete idiot you say Ooooooh ok. She ask you do you feel comfortable being around, or should they leave, now in your mind you know and you quickly say Gurl (in your good ghetto voice,) please I don't trip neither does my Fiance. In your mind you have one million thoughts from, Damn, how did I miss this? What is my fiance gonna say? Then you think do I will not tell him now, but you know he is gonna ask about who he thinks is a boyfriend coming. The your mind goes to how do I do damage control. Now, while all this is racing in your head, your co worker and girlfriend leave and even said goodbye to you. You were in such deep thought you missed it. You notice when you check emails at home later that evening you have an email from her but marked personal. Your co-worker thanks you for inviting her to hang out. In addition she writes I know what's behind my door number one is not what you expected and if it hinders a friendship that is fine. However,if not, the opportunity to hang out again would be welcomed.

Have you done this to some one, has it been done to you? Just a thought for you to think on as this weekend approaches. The end of the story goes like this, our main character ask her co worker ask her why she called it door number one. She responded because when she opens her door to her home everything she wants and needs to survive is behind it!

Live, Love, Learn

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