Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out of Control

This entire blog I try to really be transparent for a couple of reasons. One because maybe some of you reading can relate to what I am going through and also maybe some of you have been through what I am going through and wanna share hwo u did what u did to get out or whatever!!!

I am a loving person. Some will say that good some will say that's great. However, when you get to the point where you don't know what to do with your love or channel it in the right direction your love gets out of hand. You do things that you think may be love and it is not. You hurt other and more importantly you hurt yourself. Love for family I give it sparingly because sometimes I think they take advantage of it and don't appreciate it. Love of friends I am trying to do better. I have a friend A.D.D. problem.If I see a new person I want them to be a new toy almost then I get bored sometimes I go to the old toys then sometimes i just want new ones. This of course cannot be right. Then there comes the intimate kinda love. The love I long for but, i want it so bad sometimes that i give it up to easily or not enough sometimes. I don't focus in on one thing and try to get it. SO, here I am with this love and I need to channel it somewhere.

Well I said I was not gonna run from things anymore I am gonna confront them head on this year here I go...the only thing is i am confronting it but I don't think it will be resolved.


Dyvon said...

I love your honesty..and kinda feel that from you..You enjoy meeting new people kinda as a sport..and there's nothing wrong with having fun that way. It's productive and you know how to make people think. U touch lives, Mo. And if there is a resolution..u shall find it, if anyone will. I love u, dearly.


Kemet said...

I agree with what Dyvon said about it being a sport sometimes......I have seen that quality as well. And where obtaining friends is like the latest new toy. And you get tired of of them after awhile. Hey, at least you are aware of it. Mo, you definitely have touched my life in majorly impactful, positive ways. So you are doing something right!! As far as the romantic type of love: That's why brick walls are placed in front of us. So that we can show the world how bad we truly want something. Don't let the brick walls make you stand down. Keep on keeping on.

I love your transparency.

Much love Mo!