Monday, March 23, 2009

Job Evaluation

It seems either people like or hate our 44th President.

There are more that like him, but those who don't are extremely vocal. (See Idiot below)

Having an opinion is everyone's right. However, there has not been a complete 100 days which means certainly not even a 6 month mark. Now correct me if I am wrong, on a job doesn't your supervisor gives you 120 days before your first evaluation on the job. Yes I am a Obama fan and supporter. Nonetheless, I am a person who has a right mind (as the old folk in my church say,) the harshness they are dishing of my President is quite unfair in my opinion. This man is trying to correct current issues and problems instead of not doing anything. This is where I give a special shout-out to Greorge W. Bush. Thanks for nothing!

This is a discussion, meaning I want your feelings on this. How do you feel President Obama is doing? Do you think he is being put under too much pressure or is it normal?

I look forward to the comments.

Live, Love, Learn

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