Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Start in a New World

Well, I have tried this blogging thing before, and as much as I like to express myself you would think that this would be no problem. Well, I am going to start off once a week. I am going to give this thing a try one mo gin. Will you bear with me as I find my voice in the blog world? I don't know how to go about making my blog popular. Well I mean word of mouth and you tube (http:/ I guess that is my start. This blog is not an entertainment blog, not a church boy blog, not a men's blog. Since I told you what it was not, I guess I should tell you what it is. Everyday life the thoughts funny, sad, complex, and anything else I feel will be expressed. A few things I want you know and participate with me in are: the magazine I write for, go subscribe please, besides it's free! In a recession ain't it nice to get something for free and it is quality!

You saw my personal page link to my you tube above. I am also a member of the first all black and male collab channel on you tube it is called FiveblackgUys

On myspace I am nvncyble

On Twitter I am...wait for it.....wait for it....wait for it....

Now that you guys have stalking

Welcome to my blog and Please give me ideas on topics that we can all discuss. Feel free to leave comments and Let's Talk about it!

With that said I am out!

Live, Love, Learn

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