Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feeling some type of way

Well, You know day after day hearing people say I want some one honest and real, you begin to recognize the melody form on the faces when it is about to be said. Well, here we go, I was in a position where I was one of the persons in this situation. It does not matter which one, but for sake of the story let's say I received some news of the person I was interested had what's called a deal breaker. SO you may be asking what is a deal breaker? Let's use this situation. In the premise of getting to no someone you have that honesty thing people want to do. However, you have rules and preferences as you should for a relationship. Relationship should make you happy, complete you , and all that mushy stuff, as well as some of the physical stuff. If one of these requirements is not met, will it be something you can live with? If you cannot live with this as a relationship this is what I call a deal breaker. SO, Again remember for this story I am the person getting told some information. Well, with the news I have just heard I have never talked to anyone who has been so honest and just put it all out. Now as the mature, grown, and sexy man I am, I had to lighten up the mood real quick. But back to the real world as the person giving me the news that is about to change our lives, he has already prepared himself for the worse. *This is where it gets sticky*

I hear the news and I think... I can handle this. There will have to be some adjustments but, hey I can, I think! Hmmm did you see the "I think" part! Now the thought comes in my mind wow this person was really honest (mad props for that), This person has given me an opportunity with no pressure to change my mind(how noble of them) let's be honest though, I want to try and date this person but there are restrictions and adjustments. I say I can deal with but in time will I still feel this way. What about when I am feeling some kind of way and I can't enjoy this person as my lover?

Well here we are at the intersection well we can keep straight and continue or I make a left or right and keep it moving! Now in real life i know a turn will be made i just want a keep straight then a u-turn only to turn at the intersection. Keep this in mind for yall who are dating!

Live, Love, Learn

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Larry L Walker said...

There are always going to be deal breakers...It's part of the reality of dealing with another person. If we could avoid the road blocks, we absolutely would, but we can't. So, I guess the question becomes "is this person worth the effort?" If so you keep moving in the same direction...and if not you detour...good luck brother with this situation, but I trust that you'll make the decision that aligns itself with your spirit.
Much Love