Friday, April 3, 2009

A lil bit too hot...

Ok I know it ain't me only who notices this. But, I started to notice something after a couple of years of going out to the club. When it gets warm, people go crazy. I remember thinking hmm, its a fight in the club. Same thing happened the next year when it became warm. So, I begin to question folk. I would ask, "Have yall noticed that in the spring and summer, folk get crazy and fight?" This is where u might get a chuckle, I asked people who got in the fights if they noticed that the warm weather makes people go off their rockers. Of course they had to agree with me. I want you to think about it, do you notice that folk get crazy when it gets warm? If you don't notice people go crazy when it gets warm, go ahead and give people heads up, "Hey, I am crazy and the warmer it gets the worse I am."

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