Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Journey

WhAt A SAtuRday! I gOt sO Many things dOne todAy. I AM leARning hOw tO hustle My hustle. But, Let's get dOwn tO whAt hAs Me On clOud nine Right nOw. I AM abOut tO stARt A JOuRney but this jOuRney I AM abOut tO tAke ,I AM not tAking it alOne. I will have the pleAsuRe Of tAking this JOuRney with sOMeOne whO wAnts tO gO down a rOAd like this with, Of All peOple, Me. NOw, CAn I be ReAlly hOnest with yOu gUys. I AM scARed tO tAke this jOuRney And I AM excited At the sAMe tiMe. We ARe gOing tO let the sunlight leAd us, thus tAking it dAy by dAy! TO be kindA cORny we nOt driving but wAlking tO enjOy the eleMents Of the planet And suRvive theM tOgetheR. Let's see hOw this thing gOes! HAppy TRAils!

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