Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Son to Mother (A letter)

*Even though I don’t think that my mom will read this, only because I have not told her I am blogging, I am gonna write this to her. *

Hi, Mom,
It is not quite Mother’s day but thinking of you as I so often do, I woke up this morning wanting to blog about you. You know, you have been the greatest mom ever. I remember being young and seeming like everything I wanted I got. This was of course as a baby and child toys, and oh boy toys galore. Then as I grew into myself and became a teenager it was about clothes. I remember wanting to go to college away from GA. Even tough you wanted you “baby” to be close you released me and I went away! Mom it was there where I realized, you did a great job raising not only a man but a great PERSON.

As I have gotten older, I know that I have not been everything I can and should be. In these times where I have slacked, went wrong directions, and made wrong choices, YOU have been there. You have been there when I decided not to share my woes and the last minute when I was about to do something to hurt myself, it was you. Mom it was you and has been you next to my Savior Jesus Christ who loves me. You have loved me more than I have loved myself, many time.

So, Mom, I know life for you ain’t been no crystal stair, however, you sure made mine Silver and gold! I know in life I ain't to be perfect! However, mom I am striving, now, to be the best God-Fearing, Community minded, people-loving, Human I can! For this, I thank you. For this, I love you.

Your baby,

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Anonymous said...

That letter 2 mom was great, u almost had me in tears. Just so u know, u are that great person!!
Love u much,
Ur almost as popular cuz lemel.