Monday, April 20, 2009

Speak up!

OMG I cannot believe I am about to do what I am about to do and say what I am about to say. At some point in our lives though, we have to say and stand behind what we believe. I learned this by being an early supporter of Barack Obama! It paid off when I was able to work for his campaign. I am a huge fan of Jermain Dupri's Living the Life videos on You Tube. In the lastest video Johntae spoke on someting watch video below

SO I made a video response which will come at the end of this blog. The blog is not about that but this blog is about, damn I was bold enough to say this out my mouth as make a response to this video putting myself out there. I don't think I did anything bad by speaking on this but it is a big self in loving myself and who I am inside out not who other think I am. Have you gotten to the point in your life where u speakon things you believe on? If not I hope you get there soon in life. With that said here is my video response below!

Live, Love, Learn


TRAV said...

Okay sucks that I'm not posting vids @ the moment because I DEFINATELY would've been doing a response vid. But, just to sum up my thoughts...homophobia is a phobia (meaning--a strong fear, dislike, or aversion). I think that when individuals use 'gay' as a disparraging term, it's because of their fear & ignorance regarding something that they don't understand...(9 times out of 10 they probably understand EXACTLY what they're saying because they're dealing with that issue themselves).

But, not to make this comment EXTRA long...That really pisses me off!


TS Sexy Chanel said...

Excellent video Silence = Death Homophobia stems from ignorance and our people especially live in it.

HypnotiqOne said...

Unfortunately, a Black man's worse fear is to be emasculated. And that is evident in LTL/Johnta's need to make this a topic of discussion.

True growth and transcendence will be shown if Johnta is MAN enough to wear that Speedo on vacay despite what his boyz have to say.

And furthermore, when I see folk start to be afraid to be themselves or take risks because of what people might say, I'm gonna start saying "that's so typical straight Black male of you..."


Rico said...

Homopohobia is PURE IGNORANCE


I would like to see the outcome of his trip (speedos or swim trunks) and for them to readdress this issue when he returns.


Oh and glad you made a response video for them to actually take notice of... GOOD JOB SIR!