Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't call it a come back!

This Blog is dedicated to not only one of my favorite twitter people but my sister, thank you for your support and I love you! So_NKreDibEllE GO sub and follow her to her ,tell her I sent you!

SO yeah, don't call it a come back but it was a set back! I don't wanna go into everything but know that when things of and in life happen, we ,at those moments judged on how we handle those situations. Now to be honest with you I prob should have had a nervous break down or maybe a stroke, BUT, I tell you this, what don't kill you makes you stronger. I am not down playing any of the things that went down but I am gonna change how I respond to them and what happens in my life next. Yes I have shed tears and still trying to recover from some things but I know I see the sun and as long as I can see the sun I know everything will be ok.

IN this recession, in this time of lost, in this time of grief, I also see a time of family, a time of friends, a time of trust, and a time of healing.

With that said, I'm here and don't call it a come back!

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