Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Single Experience (in Words)

This really great trend on You Tube has started and I am so excited about it that I could not wait to learn my movie make stuff, so I am gonna do it written for you guys.

" Oh Morris, you are so nice you have to have a boyfriend!"

" Oh Morris, you are too sweet not have a boyfriend!"

" Oh Morris, you will get a boyfriend be patient!"

I don't know what's worse hearing those words or typing those words. SO in my 32 years of living, I have experienced Love and being in love but to actually say i have a better half. I can only say i did that one time. Funny thing is, I want to be in a relationship more now than I ever wanted to before. Wanting something with the intensity that I want this, I have to be really careful not to want the relationship more than I want someone that's a good match and good for me as well as me being good for them.

In the past I have such requirements that almost made it impossible for me to find someone. Then I have gotten so lack that i almost went beneath what was deserving for such a great person as myself. Now I know that last statement sounded a lil conceited. No, Not really I know that I am an asset and who ever I am with must know that.

Someone said to me, when I told them that I was writing this that this would be a long blog. Well to keep this from not being so long I am going to cut this now.

To sum it up, my single experience: I am grateful I have experienced it, however, to move beyond this point of my life is something I hope comes soon really soon.


Anonymous said...

It will come in due time...have you stopped to ask yourself why you are in such a rush to be in a relationship? Well let me ask you...why are you in such a rush? Will it make you feel more complete? A relationship should not make the person but the person should make the relationship. That person should be the cherry on top so to speak. YOu have must FIRST complete yourself and be happy and content with being alone and learn to love yourself COMPLETELY before you can LOVE someone else...

Wa2tv said...

(.....insert comment here.....)

thegayte-keeper said...

Just call him into your life...

DreamTV Studios said...

You never search for love it finds you, you never long for a lover, the person that is meant for you will show their heart to you. Patience is a virtue, and the reward is so great. So even if it takes 1 year 10 years, be patience and never settle for nothing less then complete love, and first that starts with you.
Hugs and Tugs