Friday, February 19, 2010

Live your Life!

SO by now if you know me or met me, or better yet read my blog or follow me on twitter, look at me on you tube, DAMN I DO A LOT, huh? But if you know me you know I am not so much openly gay as I am honestly gay.

Well today I had a conversation with my oldest cousin on my father's side. As she being the oldest of grandkids I respect her a lot. In addition to her being the eldest grandchild, she is an all around cool person. At the start of our conversation she made a statement to me. She said "Moris you are almost 33 years old (2/22), and as a 33 year old I want you to feel ok to live your life."

Needless to say I gagged. SO she went on to say, I may or may not agree with you but I LOVE YOU nonetheless. Don't be afraid to live your life! This statement from here made the world of a difference!

I spoke to here briefly on how I don't bring that part of my life into fam life because i don't want to start anything. Now that I know I have this kind of love and support maybe I can breathe easier at a fam function and we out and "he try to holla."


Kemet said...

Wow, that's beautiful Mo. To give is to love is to receive is to give.....etc.



Zaire Makel said...

Sometimes all it takes is a world from someone we hold close to our heart. Thanks for posting this... I am the same way; I keep my family separate from it all. I can say I love that my family has accepted me for who I am.

JoJo on the GO! said...

sometimes.... it's kismet to just BE.


She is SO right!