Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Over it

You know, there are but only so many ways I can apologize for something I have done wrong to you. Now I do not think I have done anything to any one who has not fully forgiven me. I had to state that because I have done something to people that have been hurtful and to some even mean. Before I go on let me also state that this blog is not for everyone. This blog goes to my "Church" folk. I recently apologized to someone who I did not keep my word to some 4 years ago. This person decided they did not want me in their life, or so they said. However, my good friend FACEBOOK said other wise. I to this DAY, the day I am writing this blog still receive chats from them, not just messages. Let's say you are on some small planet and you are not familiar with the chat feature it is a quicker way to talk to someone in real time. Now unforgiving Church folk person, all I want to know is if you were "OVER" out friendship so much why do you continually reach out to me in such a way? I see the attempts and I reach out AGAIN to be more than cordial like hang out and be like before maybe even better, because I "LEARNED" about Mo. but when I ask again and you give me this #Kanyeshrug response, it make me now "OVER IT." What is it? It is our friendship. I put forth an apology followed by conversation with sincerity. I love you and all, but in your words " I don't have time for people in my life who don't love me." One thing I know as a Christian, Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. Again, in your words, or something like your words, See you around, GOD BLESS!


JoJo on the GO! said...

you bets tah SPEAK.
I say sorry and you forgive, its' done. don't say you forgive me and I have to hear it over and over.

#bitchboobye #TFOH

Anonymous said...

Loved this post!!! I know alot of people who are like that and they refuse to move on but claim that they dont mess with me!!!! Bye then!!!