Tuesday, April 13, 2010

But, I love you

At 33, it is funny how you realize some of the things that people said to you through the years is really true! I had a teacher who used to say " LOVE IS WHAT IT DOES, not what it says."

As I type this I have to wonder, now have I been a victim, because I know I am but i have I said I love people and not shown them. I don't know how much I believe in Karma but If I do then damn, that bitch got me!

In thinking about this though, I think from the smallest things to the biggest things. However Boyz to Men said it best in a song " The Little things mean a lot," I am a very strong person but when I break all that was held within, is released.

I have this vow in 2010 "NO TEARS!" SO far so good and I think if I have made it this far this year then the rest will be a breeze.

My question to you is have you showed the people you love that you love them or are you just lip service! When you think about this love is more than promises being met. It is not making promises and still doing. It is about creating a feeling that was not there that causes a memory and a smile!

Well until next time love well!

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