Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Confirmed Bachelors

So, I was on twitter and found myself consoling one of maybe one of the sexiest people on twitter who said was playing , maybe, and said "I am not that fat."

Now I seen his pictures and he umm, yeah lol. But it made me think I am not skinny not no where near fat but, in this confirmed bachelorhood of a life I live to be skinny is to be right, to be big you have to be beautiful.

I look at the new generation of confirmed Bachelors and I see on the outside they are some really attractive men but I question their morals and personalities. They get so lost on devices that the inside can not be expressed well. They make sure that anyone who hangs around them looks like them. No shade but I almost agree the give me "You can feed this child for $.80 "

Well babies , skinnies, fat people, and those who are just concerned let your outside match your inside! Be beautiful like the dude on twitter who I was speaking to.


Jordan said...

I believe that beauty is indeed within the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Great post!

And some of those skinny ones might look good on the outside but have rotted insides so it works both ways lol