Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is it worth the hype?

I am the first male in my family to go to college. By the way I graduated!

But, I am a statistic of the economy by being let go from work. However I am a person who makes ways. I am trying to start two companies. It is not easy at all. but me starting my own company has nothing to do with this blog. Just thought I would tell you about it. LOL

SO for a lot of us, we have been preached to go to college. For a lot of us it is just understood we going to college.

SO with the economy being the way it is I looked at how many people I know have degrees were or are unemployed. I looked at really smart people and they were even struggling. Now we were sold on this idea we go to college and get a degree and not that life would be perfect but we would do better than those who did not. SO here I go all degreed up and unemployed and not going to lie struggling!

I say all that to say this. I had a conversation and the end of this conversation lead to this theory. College teaches you to work for people not to be self sufficient by starting your own company. I don't know maybe I am a bitter statistic from the economy. What do you think?


DreaM said...

Ok from someone who is still persuing their college education...long story lol. I say it is valuable to a point it that it enables you to gain a full exposure and overview to what the world is and how you fit in... and you are absolutely right a college degree now just teaches you what you need to know to be a worker for someone else... and not really to lead and own your own...

To me it's not really the college's responsibility to teach a person to be self sufficent. It's the community responsibility to do so teach teach children "our" children that they can own their own and work together successfully also starting to instill proper business/work ethics and practices! And let them know college is just to gain the knowledge base but it's up to you to apply it and gain experience to make yourself successful.

The Doc said...

As someone who has taken their education about as far as you can (I've got a Ph.D. in Chemistry) there is a lot to be said for education. Education is never a waste.

HOWEVER, if you are taking education on the proviso that it will increase your earnings, then you're guaranteed to be disappointed.

That also doesn't mean that people who have a higher education are better or worse than anyone else. Having a degree doesn't make you smarter. It means you're excellent at passing exams.

There are courses which help you start your own business. There are lots of jobs (like freelance designers) which can't be done without those degrees.

But education is often over-rated... yes.

Dyvon said...

I think college is a good way to teach us how certain things work, but we can take that information and use it to our own advantage..building our lives the way we want them to be. That's where knowing somebody that knows somebody that knows something can come in handy, too. Can I know somebody that knows somebody?! Come on, somebody!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't be discouraged because there are many other people in your same situation. At least you had the patience and determination to make it thru college and out into the "real world" to get a job.

Keep up on your goal to get your own business and you will be successful! Determination and persistance will get you EVERYwhere in life. =)