Friday, May 15, 2009

Yall can have it!

I don't know! Like I don't know ANYMORE! Man I am tired of being the one who always speaks first, who does what's right, who tries to be everyone's friend! I mean who wants to be my friend! I wanna do wrong, well no I don't but I don't want to care anymore. I mean, and yes I am venting in this blog. Nall I don't wanna see like a big baby. But, no this I am done promoting myself on you tube ima do what I do and if you watch fine if not then that's cool too. Maybe I am on my male peroiod. I don't know but I am feeling some type of way. I am not going to worry bout others when they are not shoeing me the love back.

I am not about to become evil or even less friendly but I am done man this is for the birds!


JoJo on the GO! said...


I know EXACTLY how you feel. I really do. At some point why should I always have to be right and say sorry and ask for LOVE. Whom should I stomp over and pillage to get noticed in this mugg.

zeeartfuldodger said...

i completely understand!
i feel like i'm doing all the wrong things on my channel... and that being said - i won't be changing that. because what u see on my page now is what's true to me.

blasianFMA said...

Hence the reason I am on video hiatus :) Hope you feel better sooner than me.

Kemet said...

Mo~ I think this transcends vlogging. I read a lot into this. I don't know if that's what you intended, but I transposed this into daily life. And it is fricking exhausting promoting yourself, initiating contact, following up, etc. I know when we talked about me starting to vlog you told me just be real, put yourself out there and let the cards fall where they may..... *grin*